Flower City Roll Off LLC
Whitney Housing I LLC
120 Marina Drive LLC
O’Connell Electric Company, Inc.
Lemcke Real Estate Holdings, LLC
Ambassador Union Street, LLC
JD & Sons, Inc.
1200 Lee Road LLC and Alliance Precision Plastics
American Management
Mantisi Solar LLC
Wolf Solar LLC
1365 Emerson Street LLC and Tri Tower Telecom Corporation
Li-Cycle North America Hub, Inc.
Erie Station 241 LLC and CooperVision Inc
Amazon.com Services LLC (USRE Rochester LLC)
Pike Conductor Dev 1, LLC and Li-Cycle NA Hub
Li-Cycle North American HUB, Inc.
Maguire Family Properties, Inc. and PEKO Precision Products, Inc.
Keller Park Community Partners, L.P.
A50EB LLC and Constellation Brands, Inc.
Pack-Smart LLC (Lake Ave)
Pack-Smart LLC (Air Park)
Division Associates LLC
Precision Optical Transceivers, Inc.
Innovation Arts Management LLC
One Forty-Five LLC
Brockport Heritage JV LLC
36 West Main St, LLC
DEL 3750 Monroe Ave. and Integron, LLC
One Forty-Five LLC
10 Winthrop Street, LLC and RDG+Partners CPAs
275 Wiregrass Parkway, LLC and Premier Packaging Corp.
Amazon.com Services LLC (USRE Manitou LLC)
Kodak Light Blocking New Materials, LLC
Skull Diamond & Heart Capital, LLC
Sticky Bottle, LLC and Public Provisions Inc.
800 Parker Hill Drive LLC
Amazon.com Services LLC (RLFP Greece LLC)
Buckingham Properties, LLC – Calero Software, LLC
Concentrix Solutions Corporation
Fairview at Town Center III
Fairview Hotel Group
Gallina Development Corporation (Innovation Partners ROC LLC)
Magna Real Property AcquisitionCo, LLC
Northern Soy Inc.
Ring Concierge
Rochester Joint Schools Modernization Program, Phase II
South Park Development LLC/RLP III Greece LLC
Van Hook Service Company, Inc.
Weld Works LLC (Truck)
337 UniverCity Living, LLC
Buckingham Properties, LLC – American Aerogel Corporation
Buckingham Properties, LLC – Butler/Till Media Services
Butler/Till Media Services Inc
Claims Recovery Financial Services, LLC
Empire Medicinals, Inc. d/b/a Leep Foods
M/E Properties Rochester, LLC
Mammoth Property Holdings
Mid-Town Athletic Club, LLC
Precision Grinding and Manufacturing Corp.
Precision Optical Transceivers, Inc.
Reliant Staffing Systems Inc. DBA Career Start
Rock Environmental, Inc.