Construction jobs are vital to the overall employment opportunities and economic growth in Monroe County. The IDA believes that companies benefiting from its incentive programs should employ local laborers, mechanics, craft persons, journey workers, equipment operators, truck drivers and apprentices (“construction workers”), during the construction phase of projects.

Applicants receiving IDA benefits must ensure that it and/or its contractor/developer hire 100% of its construction workers from the local labor market.

For the purpose of this policy, the local labor market is defined as construction workers residing in the following counties in New York State: Monroe, Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, Ontario, Seneca, Steuben, Wayne, Wyoming and Yates.

Local Labor Policy

Local Labor Area

All applicants/contractors/developers of a qualified project with a minimum $5,000,000 investment must place any and all invitations to bid in the Builders Exchange of Rochester Plan Room two weeks before the bids are due.

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In some instances, use of 100% local labor may not be possible for any of the following reasons:

  • Warranty issues related to installation of specialized equipment whereby the manufacturer requires installation by only approved installers (a copy of the equipment warranty confirming the use of specific installers must be provided). The granting of an exemption for the use of non-local labor on warranty related grounds is expressly conditioned on either (i) said non-local sub-contractors being enrolled in a New York State certified apprenticeship program (proof of such enrollment shall be provided to the IDA upon request) or (ii) the hiring of an apprentice/apprentices or local construction laborer(s) to assist in the installation.
  • Specialized construction is required and no local contractors or local construction workers have the required skills, certifications or training to perform the work (proof of communication with local contractors, or details of the specialized construction must be provided);
  • Significant cost differentials in bids whereby use of local labor significantly increases the cost of the project. Three (3) bids are required and a cost differential of 25% is deemed significant. Where there is a significant cost differential, that if the local labor contractor agrees to reduce the bid to the average of the two bids, no waiver will be granted. However, if the average is still 25% or more, a waiver will be granted (copies of all bids/proposals received, including pricing, must be provided to confirm cost differential).
  • No local labor available for the project (if local bids were solicited with no response, please provide a copy of the bid, explain how it was advertised, and list who the bids were requested from).

The request to secure a verified exemption for use of non-local labor must be received 45 days in advance for processing and required due diligence.

Local Labor Exemption Request Portal