The Monroe County Workforce Development Division exists to stimulate the local economy by providing resources to those seeking employment, education and training services.

Workforce Development allows Monroe County’s Economic Development Division to be more responsive to the needs of businesses looking to relocate and/or expand in Monroe County.

Two of the programs that are used by Workforce Development are the LadderzUP program and Recruiting on the Road.

LadderzUP is a flexible and collaborative workforce development effort, sponsored by COMIDA, designed to serve Monroe County residents by providing educational and training opportunities aligned with current and future job openings in high-demand industries.  High-demand industries and job opportunities are determined through alignment with the Monroe Community College Economic and Workforce Development Center. The local labor market analyses undertaken by the Center ( is combined with training and education to benefit individuals, employers and ultimately the community at large.

This is a win-win for both Monroe County residents and employers. For Monroe County residents, LadderzUP offers programs that lead to in-demand jobs. This provides flexibility to get workers into the workforce quickly, and continue their education.

For Monroe County employers, LadderzUP offers access to skilled, entry-level workers that are qualified for success in chronically hard-to-fill positions as well as customized training – at all levels – to up-skill their existing workforce.  To learn more about how LadderzUP might benefit you or your business, contact us at

LadderzUP, in partnership with COMIDA and Monroe Community College has created customized courseware and training programs for hard-to-fill positions. Most recently those programs included plastic mold injection, Certified Nurse’s Assistant, and Property Maintenance.

Recruiting on the Road is another program utilized by Workforce Development. This program is available to communities across our county as an effort to connect employers with local job seekers. Recruiting on the Road events are free and open to the public. This is another win-win for workers and employers in Monroe County.

For businesses, event promotion through participating partners, employers and host location, is offered at no cost to the business. This allows for the opportunity to network, screen and/or interview committed job seekers and is a premier opportunity to showcase your job openings. Through Recruiting on the Road, employers have special access to the community’s talented workforce through Recruiting on the Road’s enhanced recruiting tools.

For Job Seekers, Recruiting on the Road events are an exclusive opportunity to connect with employers in their communities.  All businesses in attendance are all hiring and may interview applicants on site and include a variety of public and private sector businesses; ranging from civil service to advanced manufacturing, healthcare and other industries. Attendees are asked to come prepared for an interview, bring extra copies of their resumes and dress for success

To learn more about Recruiting on the Road, visit